For parents in Phnom Penh seeking special education options for their children, OrbRom Center is a frequently mentioned name. But is it truly the best fit? Let’s delve into OrbRom’s offerings and explore some factors to consider when making this important decision.

What OrbRom Offers:

OrbRom Center positions itself as a leading provider of special education in Phnom Penh. Their core services include:

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs): OrbRom emphasizes creating customized learning plans based on thorough assessments that evaluate a child’s cognitive, language, motor, social, and emotional development.
  • Specialized Programs: The center caters to children with various needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, and Down Syndrome. Each program incorporates evidence-based strategies to address specific learning challenges.
  • Therapies: OrbRom offers speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and sensory integration therapy, all delivered by qualified professionals. These therapies aim to improve communication skills, essential life skills, sensory processing, and overall development.
  • Social Skills Training: Recognizing the importance of social interaction for children with special needs, OrbRom provides programs to help them develop social skills and navigate interpersonal relationships.

Strengths to Consider:

  • Focus on Individual Needs: Tailoring education to each child’s unique strengths and weaknesses is a significant strength. IEPs ensure a personalized approach that can maximize a child’s potential.
  • Range of Services: Having speech, occupational, and sensory integration therapies under one roof can streamline the support a child receives.
  • Experienced Staff: OrbRom highlights its team of highly trained and experienced professionals. Qualified staff are crucial for delivering effective special education programs.

Points to Research Further:

  • Class Sizes and Student-Teacher Ratios: Smaller class sizes and lower student-teacher ratios allow for more individualized attention.
  • Curriculum and Methodology: Researching the specific teaching methods and curriculum used at OrbRom can help determine if it aligns with your child’s learning style.
  • Outcomes and Success Stories: While privacy is important, understanding the experiences of other children who have benefitted from OrbRom’s programs can be valuable.

Making an Informed Decision:

Choosing the right special education program is crucial for a child’s development. While OrbRom appears to offer a comprehensive approach, it’s vital to:

  • Schedule a consultation: Discussing your child’s specific needs with OrbRom’s staff can provide valuable insights.
  • Compare Programs: Explore other special education providers in Phnom Penh to compare services, philosophies, and costs.
  • Consider Your Child’s Preferences: If possible, involve your child in the decision-making process to understand their comfort level and learning preferences.


OrbRom Center presents itself as a strong contender for special education services in Phnom Penh. However, a well-informed decision requires a comprehensive evaluation of their offerings alongside other options. Remember, the ideal program will cater to your child’s specific needs, learning style, and overall well-being.

Services for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Spelling Difficulty, social and slow learning, Down Syndrome, and Selective Mutism. OrbRom is the best option in Phnom Penh.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, Contact OrbRom Center for Assessments.

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