Gecko Garden School believes in a holistic approach to early childhood education. This means focusing not just on academic skills, but also on the social, emotional, and physical development of each child. The school offers a balanced curriculum that integrates play-based learning with structured activities, ensuring that children develop a love for learning while gaining essential skills.

Experienced and Caring Staff

One of the key strengths of Gecko Garden School is its team of experienced and caring staff. The teachers are not only qualified but also passionate about early childhood education. They create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where children feel safe and valued. The low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that each child receives individual attention and support, fostering a positive and engaging learning experience.

Well-Equipped Learning Environment

Gecko Garden School boasts a well-equipped learning environment designed to stimulate young minds. The classrooms are bright, spacious, and filled with age-appropriate learning materials. The outdoor play areas are safe and offer a variety of activities that promote physical development and encourage exploration. Additionally, the school has a dedicated sensory room that helps children with sensory processing needs to regulate and engage in sensory activities.

Focus on Social and Emotional Development

At Gecko Garden School, social and emotional development is given as much importance as academic growth. The school’s programs are designed to help children build strong relationships, develop empathy, and learn to manage their emotions. Through group activities, collaborative projects, and guided play, children learn essential social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Parental Involvement and Communication

Gecko Garden School values the role of parents in their child’s education. The school encourages active parental involvement through regular communication, parent-teacher meetings, and community events. Parents are kept informed about their child’s progress and are encouraged to participate in school activities, creating a strong partnership between home and school.

Diverse and Inclusive Community

Gecko Garden School prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive community. Children from various cultural backgrounds are welcomed and celebrated. The school promotes an environment of respect and understanding, where differences are embraced, and every child feels included. This diversity enriches the learning experience and helps children develop a global perspective.


Gecko Garden School in Phnom Penh is more than just a preschool; it is a place where young learners are nurtured, supported, and encouraged to grow. With its holistic approach to education, experienced staff, well-equipped environment, and strong focus on social and emotional development, Gecko Garden School provides an ideal foundation for your child’s educational journey. If you are looking for a preschool that offers a caring and stimulating environment, Gecko Garden School is definitely worth considering.