Western International School (WIS) is a private educational institution located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Established in 2003, WIS has grown significantly, boasting multiple campuses across the city and neighboring areas. This blog post provides an objective overview of WIS, exploring its curriculum, student body, and other key aspects.

Curriculum and Instruction

WIS follows an American-based curriculum, catering to students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. This curriculum emphasizes core subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies. Khmer language instruction is integrated into full-day programs, fostering bilingualism among students. The school aims to equip graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in higher education and beyond.

Faculty and Student Body

WIS employs a team of qualified teachers, with a focus on recruiting educators from the United States, Canada, and other English-speaking countries. This approach ensures a strong foundation in English language instruction. The student body at WIS is diverse, with a mix of Cambodian and international students. This fosters a multicultural learning environment that exposes students to different cultures and perspectives.

Facilities and Extracurricular Activities

The various WIS campuses offer a range of facilities to support the learning process. Classrooms, libraries, and computer labs provide dedicated spaces for academic pursuits. While specific details on extracurricular activities may vary by campus, WIS is known to offer programs in sports, arts, and clubs, allowing students to explore their interests beyond the core curriculum.

Admissions and Fees

The admissions process at WIS involves an application, testing, and an interview. Specific requirements may vary depending on the student’s grade level. Tuition fees at WIS are listed in Cambodian Riel (KHR) and range from approximately 9,902,401 Riel to 11,552,801 Riel for the academic year. Prospective students and families are encouraged to contact WIS directly for the most up-to-date information on admissions and fees.

Considerations for Prospective Families

Here are some key factors for families considering WIS:

  • Curriculum: Alignment with an American curriculum may be a positive factor for families seeking a specific educational approach.
  • Language: The focus on English language instruction can benefit students aiming to pursue further education or careers requiring English proficiency.
  • Cost: Tuition fees are a consideration, and families should compare costs with other educational options.
  • Location: Multiple campuses offer convenience for families residing in different areas of Phnom Penh.


Western International School presents a private, American curriculum-based educational option for students in Phnom Penh. The school’s focus on English language instruction and qualified teachers may appeal to families seeking a specific educational path. It’s important to weigh the curriculum, student body, facilities, and fees against individual needs and priorities when making a school selection.

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