There are several international schools in Phnom Penh catering to a diverse student body. USA International School (USAIS) is one such institution, offering an international curriculum to students in Cambodia’s capital city. This blog post aims to provide a neutral and objective overview of USAIS, exploring its programs, faculty, and facilities.

Curriculum and Programs

USAIS offers an American curriculum, potentially appealing to families seeking a U.S.-centric educational approach. The school may be a good fit for students planning to pursue higher education in the United States. It’s important to note that some universities may have specific requirements regarding standardized testing or additional coursework.

It’s advisable to research individual university requirements to ensure a smooth transition. USAIS may offer resources or guidance in this area, so contacting the school directly is recommended for up-to-date information.

Faculty and Staff

The qualifications of a school’s faculty can significantly impact the learning experience. Inquiries about USAIS faculty qualifications, including their experience and certifications, are essential. The school’s website or a direct call may provide details on teachers’ backgrounds.

Facilities and Resources

Learning environments play a role in student development. Considering USAIS’s facilities would be prudent. Does the school have access to libraries, computer labs, or dedicated spaces for extracurricular activities? These resources can enrich the educational experience.

School Location and Accessibility

USAIS appears to have multiple locations within Phnom Penh. This could be a convenience for families residing in different areas of the city. However, it’s important to factor in commute times and transportation options, especially for younger students.

Additional Considerations

Beyond the factors mentioned above, other aspects to explore include:

  • School size and student body demographics: Is a larger or smaller student population preferable for your child?
  • Extracurricular activities: Does USAIS offer a variety of after-school programs or clubs to complement classroom learning?
  • Language of instruction: While the curriculum is American, it’s valuable to understand the primary language used for instruction in the classroom.
  • Admissions process and tuition fees: Research the application requirements and financial considerations associated with attending USAIS.


USAIS presents an international educational option in Phnom Penh. By carefully considering the various factors mentioned in this blog post, families can make an informed decision about whether USAIS aligns with their child’s academic needs and their overall vision for their educational journey.

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