Cambodia, Phnom Penh: In a significant move towards equitable education, the Cambodian government has announced the elimination of parental contributions for attending New Generation Schools (NGSs) starting 2024. This landmark decision grants free access to these high-quality institutions for all students, regardless of their family’s financial background.

NGSs are a government initiative aimed at revolutionizing education in Cambodia. These schools implement a modern and innovative curriculum centered around 21st-century skills, encompassing critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative learning. Additionally, they maintain rigorous standards for teachers and school management, ensuring a consistently high-quality learning environment.

This policy shift represents a major step forward for Cambodian education, paving the way for wider access to quality learning experiences. By eliminating financial barriers, the government empowers students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue their educational aspirations. This ultimately translates to a more empowered and skilled workforce, contributing positively to the nation’s overall development.

Key highlights of the announcement:

  • Free Tuition: Starting 2024, all students will be able to attend NGSs without any financial burden.
  • Government Funding: The government will assume full responsibility for NGS operational costs, supplemented by support from private donors.
  • Expansion Plans: The NGS project is slated for nationwide expansion, aiming to reach all 25 provinces of Cambodia.
  • STEM Focus: NGSs prioritize STEM education, equipping students with essential skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Positive Impact: The government’s initiative is projected to significantly improve educational outcomes and contribute to a more skilled and competitive Cambodian workforce.

This announcement has been met with enthusiasm by parents, students, and educators alike. It reflects the government’s commitment to providing equitable and quality education for all children, paving the way for a brighter future for Cambodia’s education system.

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