Kumon, a globally recognized after-school enrichment program, offers Math and English programs to students in Cambodia from pre-school to secondary school. Founded in Japan in 1954, Kumon’s individualized learning methodology emphasizes self-learning and mastery of foundational skills.

The Kumon Method

Kumon’s core principle is self-paced, individualized learning. Students progress through worksheets designed to develop competency in Math and English concepts. The worksheets gradually increase in difficulty, allowing students to advance at their own pace, regardless of their grade level.

This approach aims to cultivate:

Strong foundational skills: Kumon focuses on building a solid base in Math and English, which can benefit students in their academic journey.
Independent learning: The program encourages self-directed learning, fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership over their education.
Confidence and perseverance: Overcoming challenges and mastering new concepts can boost a student’s confidence and perseverance.
Is Kumon Right for Your Child?

Here are some factors to consider when deciding if Kumon is a good fit for your child:

Learning style: Kumon caters to students who thrive in a self-paced, independent learning environment.
Academic goals: If you want to supplement your child’s Math and English education or help them get ahead, Kumon can be beneficial.
Time commitment: Kumon requires regular practice at home, alongside attending the center.
What to Expect at Kumon Cambodia

Kumon instructors, referred to as “assistants,” guide students through the program and monitor their progress. The assistants:

Assess a student’s starting point through placement tests.
Provide individualized learning plans tailored to each student’s needs.
Monitor progress and adjust the learning plan as needed.
Benefits and Drawbacks of Kumon

Potential benefits:

Individualized learning that caters to each student’s pace.
Development of strong foundational skills in Math and English.
Encouragement of independent learning and self-discipline.
Potential drawbacks:

Repetitive nature of the worksheets may not appeal to all students.
Limited focus on broader Math and English concepts taught in school.
Time commitment required for both center attendance and at-home practice.
The Cost of Kumon

The cost of Kumon Cambodia can vary depending on the location, program chosen (Math or English), and the number of subjects enrolled in. Contacting your nearest Kumon center for specific fees is recommended.


Kumon Cambodia offers an individualized approach to Math and English enrichment. Whether Kumon is right for your child depends on their learning style, academic goals, and your time commitment. It’s important to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

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