Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, GloLink International School caters to students aged 2 to 18 years old. It offers a blend of American, Christian, and Cambodian curricula, aiming to equip students with strong academic foundations and Christian values. If you’re considering educational options for your child in Phnom Penh, here’s a closer look at GloLink International School:

Curriculum and Programs:

  • Dual Curriculum: GloLink provides both the American curriculum accredited by AdvancED and the Cambodian national curriculum. This dual approach allows students flexibility and the potential to pursue higher education globally or locally.
  • Early Years and Primary: Play-based learning forms the core of the early years program, while the primary years focus on developing literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills.
  • Secondary: The secondary program prepares students for university entrance through the American high school diploma program. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are also available for specific subjects.
  • Christian Education: Christian values are integrated throughout the curriculum, with dedicated Bible studies and chapel sessions.

Facilities and Resources:

  • Modern Campus: GloLink occupies a purpose-built campus with air-conditioned classrooms, science labs, a computer lab, a library, and sports facilities.
  • Technology Integration: Technology is actively used in teaching and learning, with interactive whiteboards and access to digital resources.
  • Extracurricular Activities: A variety of extracurricular activities are offered, including sports teams, music ensembles, art clubs, and student council.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Qualified Teachers: GloLink employs qualified teachers from diverse backgrounds, with many holding international teaching certifications.
  • Small Class Sizes: Class sizes are generally kept small, allowing for personalized attention and individual support.
  • Christian Community: The school emphasizes a strong Christian ethos and fosters a nurturing environment for students to grow in their faith.

Admission and Fees:

  • Selective Admissions: Admission to GloLink is based on an application process, including interviews and academic assessments.
  • Tuition Fees: Fees vary depending on grade level and curriculum. Scholarships and financial aid may be available for qualified students.

What to Consider:

  • Religious Focus: GloLink’s Christian education may not be suitable for families of other faiths or those seeking a completely secular education.
  • Location: The school is located in the Sen Sok district of Phnom Penh, which may not be convenient for families living in other parts of the city.
  • Curriculum Choice: The dual curriculum approach may be attractive for some families, but it’s important to consider whether your child requires a specific national curriculum for future educational goals.

GloLink International School offers a unique educational experience in Phnom Penh, combining academics, Christian values, and a diverse learning environment. Carefully evaluate your family’s needs and priorities to determine if GloLink aligns with your child’s educational aspirations.

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If you are concerned about your child’s development, Contact OrbRom Center for Assessments: Phone/Telegram: 077.455.993

If you are concerned about your child’s development, Contact OrbRom Center for Assessments.

Phone/Telegram: 077.455.993