Paragon International School (PIS) is proud to feature Dr. Det Sok Oudom, a 2002 graduate, in their Alumni Stories program, Season 2. This program highlights the achievements and experiences of PIS alumni, serving as an inspiration for current students and the wider community.

From Paragon Student to Paragon Leader

Dr. Oudom’s story embodies the values of determination and success. Enrolling as an early student at PIS, he embarked on a learning journey that equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in his future endeavors.

Following his graduation in 2002, Dr. Oudom pursued further education, achieving remarkable success. Today, he holds a distinguished position as the Executive Director (COO) of Paragon Education, a testament to his dedication and leadership qualities.

A Life Dedicated to Education

Dr. Oudom’s passion for learning extends beyond his professional role. He is also a respected professor at Paragon International University, sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of scholars. This commitment to education reflects the positive influence of his time at PIS.

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