AUPP High School – Foxcroft Academy (AUPPHS-FA) emphasizes the importance of education extending beyond the classroom. Their curriculum incorporates a community service requirement, fostering social responsibility and global citizenship in their students.

Building Empathy Through Action

The blog post highlights AUPPHS-FA’s belief that community service allows students to develop empathy and experience personal growth. By directly engaging with those less fortunate, students gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced within their communities. This fosters a sense of compassion and a desire to contribute to positive change.

A Graduation Requirement with Meaning

Unlike many schools that offer community service opportunities, AUPPHS-FA makes it a mandatory graduation requirement. This ensures all students graduate with firsthand experience contributing to their community. The post emphasizes that this commitment to service is a defining characteristic of a “Global Citizen” as envisioned by the school.

A Call to Action

The blog post concludes with a call to action, inviting prospective students to join AUPPHS-FA’s community and contribute to positive change through education and service. This positions AUPP High School – Foxcroft Academy as an institution that values social responsibility and empowers students to become active participants in shaping their world.

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