Cambodia needs to improve its English language education system, as English is the official and business language of ASEAN and is essential for young people to succeed. A research paper published by the Cambodian Education Forum (CEF) has found that a lack of funding, resources, and training for teachers are the main challenges to improving English education in Cambodia.

The study, which interviewed English teachers from four public high schools in Kandal province, Cambodia, found that teachers are often underpaid and overworked, which leads to a lack of commitment to teaching quality. Additionally, many teachers do not have adequate training or resources, and they often use outdated teaching methods.

The study also found that the selection of study materials is a problem, as many textbooks are out of date and do not support contemporary English language teaching pedagogy. Additionally, the large class sizes in Cambodian schools make it difficult for teachers to provide students with the individualized attention they need to improve their English skills.

Despite these challenges, there are some positive developments in English language education in Cambodia. For example, the US Embassy and other international organizations have teamed up with the Cambodian government to promote English education and training for teachers. Additionally, an increasing number of Cambodian students are studying abroad in English-speaking countries.

Overall, the research paper highlights the need for the Cambodian government and other stakeholders to invest in improving English education in the country. This includes providing teachers with more funding, resources, and training, and developing a more up-to-date and effective English language curriculum.

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