On Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, Zion International School of Phnom Penh (ZISPP) marked a significant milestone with a day of celebration at Aeon Mean Chey. This event, recently highlighted on ZISPP’s Facebook page, was a grand affair that brought together the entire school community to celebrate the achievements and hard work of their students.

Celebrating Milestones

The day was filled with joy and pride as ZISPP celebrated both kindergarten and grade 6 graduations. These ceremonies were a testament to the dedication of the students and the unwavering support from their teachers and parents. Graduating from kindergarten and grade 6 are important steps in a child’s educational journey, symbolizing growth, learning, and the transition to the next stage of their academic life.

Recognizing Excellence

In addition to the graduations, the event also featured academic and citizenship awards. These awards recognized students who have excelled in their studies and those who have demonstrated outstanding citizenship and community spirit. Such recognition not only motivates students to strive for excellence but also instills values of integrity and responsibility.

Year-End Performances

The celebrations were further enlivened by year-end performances. Students showcased their talents through various performances, which added a festive and entertaining element to the day. These performances are a reflection of the holistic education approach at ZISPP, where academic learning is balanced with opportunities for students to express themselves creatively.

A Community Thank You

The event was also an opportunity for ZISPP to express gratitude to the parents and students. The school acknowledged the crucial role parents play in their children’s education and the importance of their continuous support. It was a heartfelt thank you for their trust and involvement in the school community.

Looking Ahead: Enrollment for 2024-2025

ZISPP is now inviting prospective families to visit their campuses in Toul Tom Poung or Chbar Ampov. The school is offering new enrollment packages for the 2024 – 2025 school year. Interested parents are encouraged to make an appointment to learn more about what makes ZISPP the best choice for their child’s education.


To find out more about ZISPP and to take advantage of their new enrollment packages, visit their campuses or make an appointment today. ZISPP’s commitment to excellence in education and their vibrant school community make it an excellent choice for your child’s educational journey.

For more details and updates, follow ZISPP on their Facebook page.

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