AUPP High School – Foxcroft Academy recently recognized its high achieving students for the third quarter of the 2023-2024 academic year. Among the honor students, Chao Vaychheang, a grade 12 student, received the distinguished High Honor Award for his outstanding academic performance.

Vaychheang’s dedication to his studies resulted in straight A’s across all subjects during the quarter. He attributes his success in part to the valuable guidance he received from his teachers. “I feel grateful towards my teachers for their support throughout the year,” Vaychheang is quoted in the Facebook post. “Their guidance has been instrumental in helping me achieve this result.”

Beyond expressing his gratitude to his teachers, Vaychheang also highlights the importance of effective learning strategies. He emphasizes the value of active participation in class, stating, “Paying close attention in class allows for a better understanding of the lessons.” In addition to focusing on lectures, Vaychheang finds collaboration with peers to be a valuable tool. “Consulting and discussing topics with classmates helps achieve a more thorough understanding of each subject,” he adds.

Vaychheang’s experience underscores the positive impact of a supportive learning environment. He views studying as more enjoyable when there is a positive rapport between students and teachers. “Having a good relationship with teachers makes the learning process more fun,” he says. To his fellow students, Vaychheang offers a piece of advice: “Value and put effort into building good relationships with your teachers for a better learning experience.”

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