Located in the coastal city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, PAMA International School (PAMAIS) offers an international education experience for students. Founded in 2020, the school emphasizes a holistic approach to learning, aiming to develop well-rounded individuals with strong academic foundations and a focus on personal growth.


PAMAIS primarily utilizes the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) framework, known for its rigorous academic standards and globally-recognized qualifications. This curriculum provides a structured learning pathway for students, leading to internationally-accepted qualifications like IGCSEs and Cambridge International AS & A Levels. Additionally, the school incorporates aspects of the Cambodian national curriculum to ensure students gain exposure to local culture and comply with national education regulations.

Beyond academics, PAMAIS highlights the importance of practical learning and skill development. This is achieved through various programs that encourage students to explore their talents and creativity. The school’s website mentions unique programs like “Brain Scan,” “PAMA Programs,” and “Mermaids Programs,” though details about these are limited online.

Facilities and Campus

Information regarding PAMAIS’s facilities is somewhat sparse online. However, their website showcases a gallery with glimpses of classrooms, a library, and what appears to be a computer lab.

The school seems to operate under two campuses: the main campus and the O2 Campus. The O2 Campus hours are listed on Google Maps, indicating it might be open for extended hours or cater to a specific program.

Community and Extracurricular Activities

PAMAIS strives to foster a positive and inclusive school community. Their website emphasizes a focus on nurturing students with a “caring positive mindset.” While details about specific extracurricular activities are unavailable online, the school website displays photos of student activities, suggesting opportunities for engagement beyond academics.

Considering PAMA International School

For families seeking an international education option in Sihanoukville, PAMAIS presents a potential choice. The school’s focus on the globally recognized CIE curriculum and its commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals are noteworthy aspects.

However, due to limited information readily available online, it’s advisable to conduct further research. Here are some additional steps to consider:

  • Contact the school directly to inquire about the specific details of their curriculum, programs, and facilities.
  • Schedule a school visit to get a firsthand impression of the learning environment and meet with teachers or administrators.
  • Research alternative international schools in Sihanoukville to compare options and find the best fit for your child’s needs.

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