Northbridge International School Cambodia (NISC) recently highlighted the participation of their senior academic team in the prestigious Nord Anglia Regional Teaching and Learning Conference (NARTLC) 2024. Held at the sister school, British International School Hanoi (BIS Hanoi), the conference brought together over 200 leading education experts from across the region to discuss the future of global education.

This blog post explores NISC’s involvement in the conference and the potential benefits it holds for both teachers and students.

Continuous Learning for Educators

The post emphasizes NISC’s commitment to professional development for its faculty. By attending conferences like NARTLC, senior academic staff gets the opportunity to:

  • Stay updated on educational trends: Exposure to the latest educational research and best practices allows NISC teachers to incorporate innovative approaches into their classrooms.
  • Network with colleagues: Collaboration with educators from over 30 Nord Anglia Education schools worldwide fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences.
  • Challenge pedagogical approaches: Discussing the future of education with leading experts encourages NISC teachers to critically evaluate and potentially refine their teaching methods.

Benefits for Students

NISC highlights the ultimate goal of faculty development: to empower and inspire students. Teachers who continuously learn and engage in professional development are likely to:

  • Deliver more engaging lessons: By incorporating new teaching methods and best practices, educators can create a more stimulating learning environment for students.
  • Provide a broader perspective: Exposure to global educational trends allows teachers to integrate diverse viewpoints and international awareness into their curriculum.
  • Inspire a love of learning: A teacher’s own passion for learning can be contagious, motivating students to become lifelong learners themselves.

A Commitment to Global Education

NISC’s participation in NARTLC underscores the school’s commitment to providing students with a globally relevant education. Being part of the Nord Anglia Education network offers NISC teachers and students several advantages, including:

  • Collaboration opportunities: The ability to connect with educators and students from other Nord Anglia schools fosters a sense of global citizenship and cultural understanding.
  • Shared resources: Access to a vast network of educational resources and expertise enriches the learning experience for NISC students.
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives: Being part of a global educational community allows students to develop a broader worldview and appreciate different cultures.


Northbridge International School Cambodia’s participation in the Nord Anglia Regional Teaching and Learning Conference exemplifies the school’s dedication to professional development for its faculty. By continuously learning and collaborating with colleagues worldwide, NISC teachers are well-equipped to empower and inspire students to become successful global citizens

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