In a significant move for environmental sustainability, the Ministry of Environment has announced that all schools in Cambodia will receive two large garbage bins, as part of the successful “Today I will not use plastic” campaign. This initiative aims to address plastic waste concerns and promote a cleaner learning environment for students.

The campaign, launched on September 1st, has garnered widespread participation across the nation, with over 3.3 million individuals taking the pledge to reduce plastic consumption. Minister of Environment Eang Sophalleth lauded the campaign’s success, stating, “Thanks to the large number of students and teachers who have participated in the reduction of the use of plastic and committed to the ‘Today I will not use plastic’ campaign, the ministry will provide bins to all schools.”

This initiative directly responds to the campaign’s momentum and its call for improved waste management. Schools in Tbong Khmum province will be the first to receive the bins, setting the stage for nationwide implementation.

Hem Sinareth, Director of the Phnom Penh municipal education department, expressed support for the initiative, highlighting its potential benefits. “Schools in Phnom Penh have already have rubbish bins, but it will be good if the environment ministry provides more. This will help the schools remain garbage-free, and avoid excess plastic waste in open spaces. It will increase the students’ sense of responsibility by encouraging them to dispose of their trash appropriately, and will help them to work together to protect the environment.”

The provision of garbage bins is expected to have a significant impact on reducing plastic waste within schools and surrounding communities. By promoting proper waste disposal and encouraging environmentally conscious behavior, the campaign aims to cultivate a culture of sustainability in young generations.

Furthermore, the initiative has been lauded by environmentalists and stakeholders for its positive influence on the country’s overall environmental health. The campaign’s success demonstrates the potential for collective action in tackling environmental challenges and creating a more sustainable future for Cambodia.

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