Eco International School is a private international school located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It offers education for students from nursery level to secondary school, and aims to provide a “magical learning experience” that promotes student-led learning, critical thinking, and discovery.

Curriculum and Education

Eco International School utilizes an international curriculum based on the British National Curriculum, with additional emphasis on character building, environmental education, and a STEAM program designed to foster curiosity, self-understanding, communication, and critical thinking skills. The school also offers a Khmer language program for students who are interested in learning the local language.

Campus and Facilities

Eco International School operates three campuses in Phnom Penh: Eco 1, Eco 2, and Eco 3. Each campus is equipped with modern facilities, including classrooms, libraries, computer labs, science labs, art rooms, music rooms, and playgrounds. The campuses also boast green spaces and gardens, reflecting the school’s commitment to environmental education.

Admissions and Fees

Admissions to Eco International School are open to students of all nationalities. The school requires applicants to submit a completed application form, academic transcripts, and a passport-sized photograph. The school also conducts an assessment to determine the student’s English language proficiency and academic level.

Tuition fees at Eco International School vary depending on the grade level and campus location. The school offers a variety of payment options, including monthly installments and semester-based payments.

Student Life

Eco International School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and clubs for students to participate in. These activities include sports, arts, music, dance, and drama. The school also organizes various events throughout the year, such as field trips, cultural celebrations, and community service projects.

Reputation and Reviews

Eco International School has a strong reputation in the Phnom Penh international school community. Parents praise the school’s commitment to providing a quality education in a caring and supportive environment. The school also receives positive feedback for its small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and diverse student body.

Overall, Eco International School is a well-respected international school in Phnom Penh that offers a high-quality education in a nurturing environment. The school’s emphasis on student-led learning, critical thinking, and environmental education makes it a good choice for parents who are looking for an alternative to traditional schooling.

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