Zion International School of Phnom Penh (ZISPP) continues to provide enriching and practical experiences for their students. This summer, ZISPP has introduced a unique and engaging summer camp, which not only focuses on fun but also on essential life skills. Recently, ZISPP shared an exciting update about their summer camp activities on their Facebook page, highlighting the hands-on learning experiences that make ZISPP a standout choice for education in Phnom Penh.

Engaging Activities at ZISPP Summer Camp

This week at ZISPP Summer Camp, students practiced weighing fruits using a scale. This seemingly simple activity was packed with valuable lessons and joyful experiences. Through this exercise, students learned about the process of selling and purchasing, gaining practical insights into everyday transactions. They also delved into the concept of budgeting, understanding how to manage purchases and upgrades, which are crucial life skills for managing daily expenses.

Practical Learning and Essential Life Skills

At ZISPP, the emphasis is not just on academic excellence but also on practical learning that equips students with essential life skills. The recent fruit weighing activity is a prime example of how ZISPP integrates practical skills into their curriculum. By involving students in real-world scenarios, they help them grasp important concepts like problem-solving, budgeting, and financial literacy. These skills are indispensable for their future, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate various aspects of life confidently.

Why Choose ZISPP?

ZISPP’s commitment to providing a holistic education is evident through their innovative and practical teaching methods. Their summer camp is designed to make learning enjoyable and relevant, fostering a love for learning among students. This hands-on approach not only enhances understanding but also builds confidence and independence in young learners.

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