Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Albert International Academy (AIA) is an international school offering a comprehensive education for students aged 2 to 11. Founded with the vision of providing a well-rounded educational experience, AIA strives to cater not only to academic growth but also to students’ physical, aesthetic, moral, and socio-emotional development.

Curriculum and Approach:

AIA utilizes an international curriculum, drawing primarily from the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) framework. This curriculum emphasizes inquiry-based learning, encouraging students to become active participants in their education. Additionally, AIA incorporates elements of the Cambodian national curriculum, ensuring students are exposed to their native culture and language.

Beyond academics, AIA prioritizes the development of essential life skills. Their program fosters creativity and critical thinking through various activities and projects. Additionally, the school emphasizes social and emotional learning, helping students develop into responsible and compassionate individuals.

Facilities and Resources:

AIA boasts well-equipped facilities that support its diverse learning approach. The school features modern classrooms, spacious playgrounds, and dedicated areas for music, art, and physical education. Additionally, AIA provides access to technology resources, including computers and tablets, to enhance the learning experience.

Faculty and Staff:

AIA employs a team of qualified and experienced teachers and staff. The school prioritizes hiring educators from diverse backgrounds, creating a rich learning environment for students. Furthermore, AIA teachers undergo ongoing professional development to ensure they stay up-to-date with the latest educational practices.

Community and Culture:

AIA fosters a supportive and welcoming community atmosphere. The school celebrates diversity and encourages collaboration among students, teachers, and parents. This collaborative environment aims to create a sense of belonging and promote positive social interactions.

Admission and Fees:

AIA welcomes applications from students of all nationalities. The school’s admission process is selective, and applicants undergo an assessment to determine their suitability for the program. Information regarding tuition fees and financial aid options is available on the school’s website.

Overall Impression:

Albert International Academy offers a promising educational program for students seeking a well-rounded and culturally diverse learning environment. The school’s emphasis on academic excellence, life skills development, and community involvement resonates with families seeking a holistic educational experience for their children.

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