Bluebird International School recently marked a significant milestone for its Primary 6 and Pre-Primary students, as they celebrated their graduation and prepared for the next steps in their academic journeys. This exciting news was shared on the school’s Facebook page on July 9, 2024, highlighting the achievements and dedication of the students.

The celebration was filled with dances, performances, and speeches, involving all Bluebird students. The event showcased the school’s dedication to fostering a supportive and enriching environment for its learners. The pride in the accomplishments of the students was evident, as the school community came together to honor these young achievers.

Bluebird British International School extended its gratitude to the dedicated teachers and supportive parents who have played a crucial role in the students’ success. The school acknowledged their hard work and commitment, emphasizing their vital contributions to the students’ educational journeys.

As the celebrations concluded, the school expressed excitement for the upcoming academic year, inviting students to return for the first day of school on August 1st, 2024. This date marks the beginning of a new chapter for the students and the continuation of Bluebird’s mission to provide exceptional education and support.

For more details and updates, follow Bluebird British International School on their Facebook page.

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