Northbridge International School Cambodia (NISC) recently wrapped up its Early Learning Summer Camp with a week full of adventure, creativity, and heartwarming moments. This remarkable event, shared on the school’s official Facebook page, highlights the engaging and enriching experiences that young campers enjoyed under the care of passionate educators.

A Week of Fun and Learning

The last week of the NISC EL Summer Camp was nothing short of spectacular. Campers had the opportunity to indulge in various exciting activities, including making their own pizzas and participating in indoor camping adventures. These activities, designed to spark creativity and foster a sense of adventure, allowed the children to learn new skills while having fun.

Nurturing Growth and Friendship

Guided by dedicated educators, each child flourished throughout the camp. The nurturing environment not only helped the young campers build essential skills but also encouraged them to form lasting friendships. The sense of community and camaraderie was evident as the children supported each other in their endeavors.

Celebrating Achievements

To celebrate the accomplishments of the campers, NISC invited parents to join a special performance. The young stars of the camp showcased their talents through joyful songs, lighting up the room with their bright smiles. Each child was awarded a certificate to commemorate their successful completion of the Early Learning Summer Camp, marking a proud moment for both the campers and their families.

Looking Ahead

With the success of this year’s camp, NISC is already looking forward to the next school year. Interested parents are encouraged to enroll their children for the upcoming academic year starting in August 2024. Due to the high demand, spaces are limited, so early contact is recommended.

For more information or to secure a spot for your child, please reach out to NISC via phone at (+855) 078 666 884, WhatsApp, Telegram, or email at This information and more can be found on the school’s Facebook page.

The Northbridge International School Cambodia continues to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for young learners, ensuring that each child receives the best start to their educational journey.

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